Are you considering different construction materials for your soon-to-be-constructed home?

Do you want your home to have a natural, earthy feeling, that brings you closer to nature?

Choosing natural building materials over man made materials is a wise choice and it helps in reducing the use of man-made materials that are not as efficient as the former. Natural materials minimize the use of products that utilize a great deal of energy during their manufacture and transport. With natural material, builders focus on simple construction methods that do not cause any further damage to the environment, or consume fossil fuel.

Natural materials comprise of wood, bamboo, masonry, stones, cordwood, earth-bag, straw bale, adobe, cob, etc. Natural materials make natural building possible, which has a variety of building techniques where builders focus on creating state of the art, sustainable buildings that minimize their overall negative ecological impact. Natural buildings rely on non-industrial, locally available, renewable and minimally processed materials that can be utilized or recycled in the future.

Natural Building is unique and different because it ideally incorporates sustainable design practices that perfectly blends the building into its environment. It may also be able to integrate passive heating and cooling, electricity production, alternative waste treatment and water catchment.

Timberlake Custom Homes has been building homes across the US using natural building materials that are an essential part of sustainability. Timberlake strives towards these ideals as we build custom homes that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and long lasting. Our goal is to construct a solid shelter that minimizes ecological impacts on our land. A dwelling that fit its surrounding landscape perfectly.

Timberlake Custom Homes builds sustainable and ecological homes and are perfect manifestations of this natural building process. Our life long home designs create a flowing work of art that will retain its impact, structure and perfection for generations to come. We continue learning how to integrate our homes into their surrounding environment and make them environmentally friendly, cost effective and comfortable. Expert builders at Timberlake Custom Homes focus on utilizing natural and sustainable materials.

Selection of natural materials, such as, wood and rock not only beautify your home's interior and exterior but it also elevates the design of your home, raising its value and outlook. Using natural materials like earth (clay), wood, stone, straw and sand serve as a basic ingredient for many natural building techniques.

The best thing about using natural materials in the construction of custom homes is that their life span is greater than most man made building materials. They allow homes to be built on a solid foundation being based on the inherent nature of these resilient and beautiful natural materials.

If you are interested in building your dream home with natural materials, hire Timberlake Custom Homes. They will build your home using natural stones and woods that creates a distinction with design and ownership.

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