Lake Rabun lies in Clayton, Georgia and boasts beautiful views from every single angle. Rabun County is nestled in Georgia’s northeast corner. It has a rich history of culture and community. The mountains surrounding this crystal clear lake offer a spectacular view. There are a number of beautiful waterfalls near Lake Rabun, such as, Minnehaha Falls, Crow Creek Falls, Bad Branch Falls and Angel & Panther Falls. These waterfalls near Lake Rabun attract hundreds of visitors every week to enjoy the scenic beauty of Clayton Valley in Georgia.

Rabun Lake provides an all-around experience and adventure for outdoor enthusiasts who love boating, fishing, hiking, watersports, kayaking and whitewater rafting. Whether you have come to visit a loved one or spend a beautiful picnic near Rabun Lake, you would never want to leave this place. It beauty will become etched into your memory and make you visit this place time and again. If you wish to build your own home by the lakeside, Timberlake Custom Homes will construct your dream home on a spot that you like with utmost care and skill.

Rabun Lake is full of outdoor adventure possibilities. It has a trio of gorgeous lakes that tower over mountains. Its crystal-clear and tumbling whitewater offers outdoor enthusiasts great opportunities for hiking, rafting, biking, running and paddling. The tumbling waterfalls near Rabun Lake offer a 360-degree panorama from beautiful mountaintops and gorgeous wildflower-filled valleys. You will enjoy every moment living in Clayton, Georgia, no matter the season. It stays beautiful throughout the years, attracting thousands of locals and tourists to enjoy its spectacular view and enjoy outdoor activities as much as they want.

Hikers love the area surrounding Rabun Lake because its has a high elevation and has two long range trails of its own, the Appalachian Trail and Bartram Trail. The town offers adventurers amazing overnight backpacking adventures. A short drive to the north of Clayton, visit the world famous Dillard House which is located in Dillard, Georgia that offers visitors sumptuous family style southern cooking. 

To visit the Black Rock Mountains State Park, just drive to the Eastern Continental Divide that passes through Clayton. The park encompasses the most outstanding scenery that Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains offer. Spend the day at the beautiful mountaintop cottages that surround a lush green playground for kids. This is the best spot for campers to spend the night.

You can watch water skiers, hiker, rafters, even bikers during the Summer season from your own private house by the Rabun Lake.  There is a lot you can do in Rabun County, Clayton. To be honest, the possibilities are endless for adventure seekers in Rabun County. Whether you are in the mood for some adventure in the river or want to spend the day relaxing and shopping for your home at a beautiful antique gallery, Rabun County caters to all your needs.

Build yourself a beautiful home with the help of Timberlake Custom Homes and live a life full of harmony.

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