Times are changing, and so are floor covering options in the US. Today the flooring world is seeing many trend changes. Emerging wood has more texture, while carpeting is getting softer and vinyl is getting more luxurious and being used in magnificent homes.

Luxury vinyl has a class of its own and has lately become the most popular flooring option drawing consumer attention regularly. Timberlake Custom Homes specializes in a variety of floor covering options and offers homeowners a wide range to choose from. For instance, carpeting, local hardwood, natural stones, ceramic tiles and exotic hardwood.

The difference between a regular home builder and Timberlake Custom Homes is that the latter will introduce to flooring experts who create for each client a CAD drawing of the flooring option they choose to see how it looks with their home design. Creating a CAD model helps homeowners to understand the look and feel of the flooring option they have chosen and to finalize their decision.

Below we discuss some of the most popular and hottest trends in flooring:
  • Carpeting
    Carpets are getting extremely soft. The carpet manufacturing industry is using nylon and focusing on the development of softer textures and introducing it as the cutting-edge trend in the carpet business. This is being considered the new luxury carpet.

    One of the carpet style that homeowners are particularly interested in is the cut-and-loop style and is multi-tonal and leathered. The trend these days is more toward the patterned carpet having a cleaner finish with some personality to it.

  • Wood
    The most popular style of wood flooring is laminate. It is a thin piece of wood that creates structural stability and is cheaper than solid hardwood.

    Homeowners who are interested in hardwoods are leaning more toward darker stains and also, are fancying gray tones. Most buyers are looking for exotic wood species, such as, cherry, walnut and hickory. They are investing in new floors, but they want their floors to look old, solid and rich.

    Bamboo flooring has also made a big splash in the flooring industry over the last few years, since it comes from a renewable resource and is fairly priced.

  • Luxury Vinyl
    One of the hottest new trends in flooring is the use of luxury vinyl, yes, technology has given vinyl’s an amazing new look. The process comprises of taking a photo of wood and then printing it usually in the form of planks or squares, on to the significantly less expensive and affordable vinyl flooring.

  • Tile
    Ceramic tiles are getting bigger in size. Tile that are larger than the standard 12-by-12 inches are rapidly growing in popularity and the digital print technology is giving ceramic tiles a whole new look as well.

At Timberlake Custom Homes, you can select your favorite floor covering. Our team will ensure that the flooring you choose will reflect the style of your home and will last for generations to come.

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