At Timberlake Custom Homes, we give attention to every single detail, from floor plans to installation of doors and windows in your home.  Established in 1983, Timberlake Custom Homes has acquired exceptional expertise in home building and provided it's clients with high standard of quality for more than three decades now. We provide our clients with custom designed doors and windows for clients across the United States.

The Timberlake team gives first hand attention to every door and window used when building your dream home. We select windows that fits the the design of your home as well as your lifestyle and personality. We assess the designs of doors and windows and understand how well it will accommodate your family and future needs as well. At Timberlake, we work with each client and find the perfect windows and doors for their property that enhance its overall look.

Timberlake Custom Homes with its expertise in custom home building is recognized throughout the United States as a master home building company. We are comprised of industry professionals who have acquired years of experience and skilled craftsmanship who can transform your dream home into life. Timberlake cares about the environment and works to protect natural resources by proudly enforcing environmentally friendly practices throughout their custom home building process. Our builders and craftsmen ensure that the quality of doors and windows are of a high standard and corresponds with the overall look of your home.

When having your house built do you prefer fiberglass doors or solid wood doors?

If you are looking for innovatively designed doors and windows for your home or custom designed wooden doors for your dream home, Timberlake team will provide you the best in custom windows and doors. We have installed, high performance doors and windows, incorporating vacuum-insulated panels, advanced door lock technology and triple-panel glazing for lower energy consumption and high thermal resistance.

Timberlake Custom Homes provides guidance and assistance to clients in selecting the right doors and windows for their custom built homes. Since upkeep and maintenance of wooden doors and windows is much easier as compared to fiberglass options, we install high quality wooden doors and windows that improve the look of the home and increases its value.

Security concerns of each door and window is also taken into account at Timberlake. We use good quality locks for your doors and windows. Doors with single sidelite or double sidelite vary in shapes and sizes and Timberlake offers the best solutions for a wide variety of possibilities. Keyless entry or biometric entrance system are optionally available to ensure your home is fully protected from all types of threat and danger.

Get in touch with Timberlake Custom Homes today to get more detailed information about the latest on doors and windows.

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From community to mountaintop and lakeside living, Timberlake Custom Homes specializes in affordable custom homes in the North Georgia and Western North Carolina mountains; in addition we provide professional home design and renovation services. We are licensed in Georgia and North Carolina and can assist in all of your real estate and new home construction needs in Hayesville & Murphy, N.C. and Hiawassee, Blairsville & Clayton, Ga. We’re ready to partner with you on your home building journey. Contact us today and let’s get started on your dream home.
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