Timberlake Custom Homes is a premier home building company that works with the homeowner from start to finish, meeting, discussing and going over several details to come up with the perfect home design that fits the client's needs, budget and lifestyle. We have been building sustainable and environmentally friendly custom homes for our clients in the US since 1983 and we have received immense amount of recognition and appreciation from our clients over the years.

What makes Timberlake Custom Homes different from other home building companies is that we allow homeowners to speak their mind, share their vision for the home and help us create CAD design by our professional designer that later serves as the blueprint for the home project. Once the client approves of the design, the professional Timberlake team initiates the home building project.

Often a client or homeowner would find that there is something missing in the house plan or they need some modification in the construction plan. Timberlake Custom Homes offers clients a design service that allows clients to change certain parts of the home design to incorporate their desired modifications. After we have carefully reviewed the alterations the client needs, we come up with a revised home plan and share it with our client. This gives our clients a cost-efficient way to create the home with their preferences.

Below are some of the most common modifications that clients seek in their home plan:
  • Change the foundation type (for instance, from slab to crawl space)
  • Modify exterior elevations, such as changing the overall façade from siding to brick or adding dormers.
  • Add a garage to the custom built home
  • Change the location or size of the garage door
  • Add square footage
  • Move basement stairs
  • Add or remove a fireplace
  • Redesign the kitchen, changing the color scheme or flooring plan.
  • Make modifications to enable handicap accessibility
  • Add a bonus room up in the attic or over the garage
  • Reverse the home plan

Timberlake Custom Homes offers its clients with a variety of home designs and modification options to build their dream home.

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From community to mountaintop and lakeside living, Timberlake Custom Homes specializes in affordable custom homes in the North Georgia and Western North Carolina mountains; in addition we provide professional home design and renovation services. We are licensed in Georgia and North Carolina and can assist in all of your real estate and new home construction needs in Hayesville & Murphy, N.C. and Hiawassee, Blairsville & Clayton, Ga. We’re ready to partner with you on your home building journey. Contact us today and let’s get started on your dream home.
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