Every artist in the world has his or her own unique ability to create a work of art. Whether it is a painting, a bronze statue, a sculpture or a piece of jewelry, the artist is a valuable asset to any work of art and his skill the backbone of his artistry. Same is true for The Timberlake Team, that comprises of professional and exceptionally skilled architects, designers, builders and craftsmen who have spent over 3 decades in the field of home building. Our team is the backbone of Timberlake Custom Homes that breathes new life into an empty lot and transforms it into an incredibly stunning and brilliant piece of art. 

Our artists are craftsmen who have committed their lives to creating more than just a single home. Timberlake craftsmen do not just create custom homes, in fact they create true masterpieces and works of art that families cherish for generations to come.  We provide each client with a distinctive professional home design and combine it with our high-quality, professional and exceptional craftsmanship.

From the first step of any work of art, it takes careful planning, therefore, first and foremost we concentrate and focus on the needs and preferences of our clients and transform their vision of a dream home into a 3D model. Our team develops creative home design for each client that serves as the blueprint for the home building project. Like a true artist, Timberlake creates that perfect rendering of artwork, crafted by craftsmen who instead of working with paintbrushes, our artists work with hammers, rulers and blueprints that helps them create the exceptional work of art.

Building a contemporary home today is a complex process that requires absolute coordination of hundreds of people simultaneously, from architects to designers and engineers to craftsmen and suppliers. All these complexities have led Timberlake Custom Homes to come up with a comprehensive design-build home building process that integrates the entire team and delegates tasks accordingly in a sequence. This step by step planning and sequencing of home building process has led Timberlake Custom Homes to create a cost efficient, seamless and smooth workflow that enables them to complete the project on time and deliver it in the form of a beautiful end product that exceeds the expectations of the clients.

Timberlake Custom Homes is known for its affordable custom homes. Our team has the expertise to create for our clients their dream home by staying within the limits of their budget. We know how hard you work to earn your money and The Timberlake Team is here to ensure that you get the best value for every dollar you spend on your custom tome building project.

At Timberlake Custom Homes, we assemble a team of architects, designers and trade contractors to provide the client constant feedback throughout the home design and pricing phase. We work around your budget and create a work of art that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come.

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From community to mountaintop and lakeside living, Timberlake Custom Homes specializes in affordable custom homes in the North Georgia and Western North Carolina mountains; in addition we provide professional home design and renovation services. We are licensed in Georgia and North Carolina and can assist in all of your real estate and new home construction needs in Hayesville & Murphy, N.C. and Hiawassee, Blairsville & Clayton, Ga. We’re ready to partner with you on your home building journey. Contact us today and let’s get started on your dream home.
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